January 2012

BB's First Allowance

100 Days of First Grade and Fun with Sharkie

Today is BJ's 100th day of first grade. Where the heck is the time going to? (Mom, you were right. It just gets up and gallops.)

For his 100 day project he brought in a baggie full of one hundred mini-marshmallows. And though he amazingly waited until the end of the day to eat any, as agreed (he insists this is the case and I believe him) I didn't manage to get a picture. He came home and ate all but about a dozen in one sitting.

Happy 5th Birthday, BB!

My little girl turned 5 years old today. Last week, I enrolled her in kindergarten. This little girl of mine isn't so little anymore!

BB's 5th Birthday Party -- with Rapunzel!

Yesterday, BB had her birthday party. She'd requested that a princess come to her party this year, and art is one of BB's favorite things, so we settled on an Art Party with Rapunzel. (Tangled is very popular this year and definitely one of BB's favorites!) Here are the two princesses!

Again with the Cuteness

The kittens are growing so quickly! They were 10 weeks old on Monday of this week. They are continuing to contribute substantially to the cute and cuddly quotient for the household. They are both very snuggly and will sneak into your lap without any hesitation.

Friday Feature -- Liz's Wares

Today's featured Etsy artist is the Etsyblogger of the month! Congrats to Liz who runs two Etsy shops: Liz's Wares and Liz's Supplies. In her shops, you'll find a lot of pretty shiny things -- finished jewelry in Liz's Wares and digital files to help organize your Etsy business at Liz's Supplies.

Kitten Company

We're establishing new house habits and rules as the kittens have been growing. They can now do things like jump from the chair to the dining room table -- as I discovered when I came back to my breakfast to find my tea sloshed all over the table! (Thank goodness whomever it was didn't burn a paw! I like my tea very hot.) I've long been wanting to break the kids of their habit of "saving it for later" and leaving plates of leftovers on the table, so this is a perfect motivator.

Too Cute!

We continue to have a lot of fun with our newest additions to the household -- the kittens are growing and changing by the day. They have now had their first round of vaccinations, and the girl had grown to 2.3 pounds while her brother was coming in at 2 pounds (both in normal range for growth). We might have settled on new names for them: Dilly (for the boy) and Dally (for the girl). What do you think?

Imperfect? Check!

In the spirit of embracing imperfection, I gave myself a week off from blogging -- was nice to have a bit of a break. Much of the week was spent on household organization and finishing up some of the home decor projects that I *finally* got around to tackling. (Yes, we moved in two years ago this month, and just this past week got around to hanging up curtains. And pictures above the couch.) In addition to completing the living room, I've overhauled the kids' playroom where I added more storage and replaced the train table that had become a repository for all sorts of junk.

2012: A Year for Practice, Imperfection, and Play

For New Year's, I'm not making any resolutions. Instead, I'm trying on a few words for the year.