February 2012

Bike Ridin' Kid

It's been a very nice winter break -- BJ had the week off, and we decided to keep BB in preschool for her usual T/Th schedule, so I got some really nice one-on-one time with him.

Happy Birthday S -- The Big Four Oh!

Hard to believe, but my darling S turns 40 years old today -- Happy Birthday, sweetheart!

(Perhaps even harder to believe: we've been together for half that time! We don't have an official "first date" anniversary, but we fell for each other about this time of the year, 20 years ago. Wow.)

Learning to Ride

This past weekend, both kids decided they wanted to learn how to ride their bikes without training wheels. Exciting milestone!

So on Saturday afternoon, we got out the kids' bikes and gave it a go. Unfortunately, it turned out that BJ's bike had a flat tire. BB and I worked together while S tried to patch the tire. She really caught on quickly!

BJ's Field Trip to the Marine Science Institute

Last week, I was a driver for BJ's field trip to the Marine Science Institute. Best field trip I've been on so far -- and I think BJ thought so too! There were lots of hands-on activities. The kids started off with seine fishing, hauling a net out of the bay. Hard work!


This one's for you, Mom and Dad: something new at the blog!

Best Laid Plans

I suppose it's a good thing that Valentine's Day isn't particularly dear to our hearts around here. Neither S nor I have ever done a whole lot to celebrate the holiday. (It feels more than a little commercialized to both of us.) But since my parents were in town, we'd thought we might take the opportunity to go out to celebrate, just the two of us.

Friday Feature -- Scene Not Herd

This week's Friday Feature is Holly, a fellow SF Etsy member who is the creative force behind Scene Not Herd. I love the whimsical jewelry in her shop, and the hand stamped personal touches really add a unique element. I particularly like her "Shine" lantern necklace. She says it's "reminiscent of that old thing your dad busted out on camping trips" -- spot on!

Good News; Bad News

It's been a rough week -- just as BJ was getting over the crud that had him home from school almost all last week, BB started showing symptoms. She's been down with fever and cough since Tuesday, poor boo. 102.6 yesterday! Down to 100 today, but still feeling really yucky. Sigh.

Meeting Up with other South Bay SF Etsy Folks!

Today I managed to escape the Family Plague Ship for a few hours this morning to meet up with some other SF Etsy folks at TechShop San Jose! (Big thanks to S for watching the boy while he was home sick again from school.)