July 2012

Zoo! Times Two!

Yesterday, we met up with our friends J and J at the Happy Hollow Park and Zoo (always a fun outing) and on Saturday, we met up with S's brother M and M's daughter K at the Oakland Zoo. Good times! I didn't get any pics at HHZ (sometimes it's nice to travel without the camera) but I took many nice mental snapshots of the day. Including one of BB and me in the front car of the little roller coaster -- her first time for such bravery!


A few days ago, our search for family-friendly summertime activites brought us to the bowling alley -- where we had a really good time!

Both kids had been bowling before (thanks to birthday parties) but it was the first time we'd gone as a family. We put up the bumpers, tied up our bowling shoes, and settled in for two very enjoyable games. Here's BJ choosing his ball -- an important part of the game!


The kids have been taking swim classes this week, and they are progressing beautifully!

Another Visit From The Tooth Fairy and Last Visit for Ice Cream

BB has lost her third tooth -- and to make it extra-special, she lost it while at our favorite ice cream shop! I got a pic as soon as we got home.

Secret Recipe: Surprise Salad

Salad for snack? Must be summer! BJ even made his own secret recipe -- he calls it "Surprise Salad." Here's Chef BJ, hard at work!

SF Etsy -- and Mama's Magic Studio -- In the News!

I just realized I forgot to share the exciting news! While we were on our family vacation, the SF Etsy team was featured in the Etsy blog. It's a lovely article that makes a very nice mention of all the hard work I have put into SF Etsy over the years. Yay SF Etsy! I'm so proud of my team. We've come so far since I became team captain in 2010. You can read the article here!

Summer Fun: Beach Trips, Pool Parties, Handstands, and Ice Cream

Our summer has been going along quite nicely -- we fit in a trip to the beach last week, along with a pool party, and we've been enjoying a lot of quiet days at home. BB is working on her handstands and has finally figured it out!

Not the best pic, since she's still working on duration -- I had to be pretty quick to snap this. But she is amazingly proud of being able to get those feet up in the air!

Space Pirate

Princesses are still very popular around here, but pirates are now making a regular appearance -- thanks to Munchkin Booty.  So much so, that BB drew this Space Pirate the other day:


Home Sweet Home

We had a lot of fun on our summer travels!  We've been home for a while now, but various circumstances conspired to keep me from being able to update the blog. It took a good week of being back home to recover from our "vacation" -- getting everybody back to a rested, Pacific time zone existence. That's the reality of traveling with kids, I think. And during that week we also had to replace our desktop computer, which took much longer than it should have to get myself up and running on it again. But here I am, and it's good to be back!