Like Mama, Like Daughter

I love how crafty BB is these days. She is having a particularly good time with her sewing. She has her own craft supplies and will set up her own projects. Adorable!

The other day, she used her afternoon quiet time as an opportunity to start a set of "curtains." She was so into this project that she wanted to take them with her when we headed to pick up her brother from school. While we waited for him to be dismissed, she sat at the table outside his classroom and worked on her sewing.

I was very glad I brought the camera!

I'm especially amused to see such vivid evidence of how much she is like me: she gets the same exact frown of concentration that I do when I'm working on my crafting.

Exhibit A -- just compare these two shots!

As my mom would say, "Crows don't raise canaries!" -- gotta claim this girl as my own for sure! (Not that there was ever any doubt.) It's pretty amazing that all the pics from my recent studio photoshoot didn't turn out with that same expression on my face; I confess I was making a conscious effort to try to look like I was enjoying myself!

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