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Ah, Summer

Hard to believe this time next month we'll be back in the thick of things. It's been a very low-key summer over here. No camps for the kids, just family camping trips. Our annual trip to Big Basin was fun as usual (in spite of nightly rodent visitors in the tent cabin).

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there! S wanted to celebrate by bringing the kids to see the new Pixar movie, Inside Out. Highly recommended! Not only because it has a girl as the lead character(s), without it being a princess movie, but also because it handles the subject matter (emotions) with depth, humor, intelligence, and sensitivity. We've already had some interesting family conversations, and I have a feeling that the paradigm of the film will be a useful one to return to in our family journey.

Annual Beach Camping Trip

It's time again for one of our favorite start-of-summer traditions: the school beach camping trip!

Birthday Girl

It's good to be the birthday girl -- I get to convince the family it would be fun to visit an art museum!

End of the School Year

Another school year is over, believe it or not. How is it possible that I'll have a fifth grader and a third grader next year?

Of course we celebrated with ice cream.

Teddy Bear Parade

I have had so much fun helping BB's classmates sew their teddy bears! It's a second grade tradition at our school, and every year they celebrate the end of the sewing with a big Teddy Bear Parade. Here's BB on her way to the parade, with her handmade "Blue Beary."

And here's BJ, with the bear he made two years ago. Softy is holding up pretty well!

10 Years Old!

Look who's TEN YEARS OLD!

How is this possible? My baby boy, a decade old?

He's growing into such an intelligent and earnest person, full of enthusiasms and energy. He has so much to tell the world! I am so proud of him.

Science Fair

Another great science fair! 

BB worked on a project with two of her friends, looking at different rates of melting ice in different liquids (soda, water, lemonade). Definitely a kid-generated idea.

BJ grew his yeast, measured the CO2 output with balloons, and figured out what food yeast like best. (It isn't salt!)

Making Bread (For Science)

BJ has decided that his science fair project will look at how yeast grows and makes bubbles in bread, so naturally we needed to make some bread first to experience the entire process. (But who really needs an excuse to make homemade bread? Yum.)

They were really into it!

Punching down the dough is always fun.

Heart's Day

We had a quiet Valentine's Day around here, as usual. Which is fine by me. Hearts were made and exchanged, sweets were eaten.

We celebrated with a little family hike to one of our favorite spots in the hills.

Life is good!

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