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Wish I'd Taken That Class...

At dinner tonight, BB asks me, "How do you know how to be a mom? Is there, like, a class you have to take to learn how?"

"No," I reply. (Thinking, dang, how I wish there was!)

"Well, but then how do you know to do things?" she starts, innocently. "Things like put coins under my pillow for the tooth fairy?" She gives me the tiniest smirk. She knows full well what she's asking, knows that she's bursting a bubble, revealing that she has guessed the Truth About The Tooth Fairy.

Walk for Art!

It's Walk-A-Thon time! This is the school fundraiser that pays for lots of the "extras," including art (in other words, my job) so I made a "Walk for Art" sign to carry around. The kids had fun volunteering to carry it, and BJ and BB helped out for a lap or two, the sweeties!

First Day of School! Fourth Grade and Second Grade

Here they are, ready for adventure!

And there they go!

It's back to school for me, too, since I'll be continuing to teach art. In fact, I've picked up more classes and will be teaching kindergarten through third grade this year!

Summer Fun

Hard to believe the summer is speeding by! We've been having a nice, relaxed vacation, filling the time with trips to the park, ice cream, playdates, and lazy days at home. My parents came to visit, which is always wonderful!

Here we were visiting a new park -- of course BB had to figure out what to climb first...

Tap Class

The kids nixed the idea of camps this summer (which is fine by me) but BB ended up requesting to take a tap class. Not a "dance" class, or a tap and ballet class -- tap dance only, please. What a score when I found one in the local parks and rec class list, just in time to sign her up! She was so excited to go buy her tap shoes and leotard.

Crows Don't Raise Canaries

Not that there was ever any doubt, but here's pictorial proof that my daughter is MY DAUGHTER.



Father's Day: Camping and Making the Best of Things

For the second year in a row, we spent the Father's Day weekend camping at the beach. This is definitely becoming a favorite tradition -- it's a trip coordinated with many other families at the kids' school. This year, more than 30 families participated! It was a nice, relaxing weekend, with plenty of time for scootering around, hanging at the beach, and playing games.

School's Out For Summer!

Welcome to Summer Vacation! We made it through the end of the year!

I really enjoyed the final celebrations with the kids. First grade marked the end of the year with a fun field trip to Vasona Park, where the kids did some wading. It was a little cold but lots of fun!

Third grade had the traditional "Tammy Town Cafe," where the kids served their parents dessert.

Homemade Playdough -- With a Secret Ingredient!

For my last volunteer hours in BB's first grade classroom, I made homemade playdough with the kids. Here's BB helping me set up the center:

Our recipe uses a secret ingredient...


Great America

For the first time, we decided to get family passes to Great America. I was a little leery, but so far I'm very glad we did!  Here are some pics from our first family visit. Up in the Star Tower!

Nice panorama, eh?

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