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Monkey Bars II

Guess who has figured out the monkey bars!!!



Now if she could just grow a bit so that she's tall enough to reach all the sets on all the play structures, she'd be quite happy. The callouses are looking good!

Fourth Lost Tooth; First Absence

Last night, BB lost her fourth tooth!

The Monkey Bars

The kindergarten rite of passage has begun: learning to cross the monkey bars, and earning calluses in the process!

First Day of School

Today was the big day! BB's first day of kindergarten; BJ's first day of second grade. As of today, I'm officially a mom of two school-age kids!!!

Here's the traditional "off we go" photos for the start of the school year:

Backpack on and ready to go!

Last Day of Summer

We had a very relaxing day yesterday! A very nice Sunday. We played at home in the morning, went swimming with friends in the afternoon, and enjoyed the usual dinner/bathtime/bedtime routine. A very nice way to ease into the school year, which started today -- more on that in its own post!

Back to School....

The countdown is almost done -- school starts up on Monday! This week has been full of preparations for BB to enter kindergarten and BJ to start second grade. Backpacks have been repaired (for BJ) and purchased (for BB). New lunchboxes and water bottles are lined up: perfect choice of a solar system theme for BJ, thanks to the generosity of Tia M! and BB chose a princess lunchbox and ballerina water bottle.

Last Swim Class

Kids had their last swim class of the summer -- and they are really swimming!


The kids have been taking swim classes this week, and they are progressing beautifully!

Kindergarten, Here We Come!

BB "graduated" from preschool this past Friday -- now she's kindergarten-bound!

When they got up on stage to receive their "diploma," the kids were asked what they want to be when they grow up. BB's answer: "I want to be a gymnastics superstar!"  Guess who's gonna be watching some of the Olympics this summer?


The End of First Grade!

This past week was BJ's last week as a first grader! They celebrated with a field trip to a local park and a Thank You Tea for the parents. It was the same park that they visited in kindergarten, but this time the weather was MUCH nicer. No blue lips and chattering teeth!

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