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Rainbow Day

I am so happy about yesterday's SCOTUS marriage equality ruling. About time! Lots of wise, witty, and wonderful rainbow commentary flying around social media, which I greatly enjoyed. But perhaps my favorite is this picture of the White House, taken by my friend KH:

End of the School Year

Another school year is over, believe it or not. How is it possible that I'll have a fifth grader and a third grader next year?

Of course we celebrated with ice cream.

Look Who's Cooking

BB has been very enthusiastic about learning her way around the kitchen. Whenever I'm cooking, she asks, "Can I help?" And she wants to learn how to make things All By Herself. She's to the point where she can make dinner! (Granted, it's Breakfast for Dinner, but that's a weekly thing around here: scrambled eggs, waffles or pancakes, fruit, bacon or sausage. What's not to love?)

Boyfriends and Girlfriends

It's happening: the kids are starting to talk about boyfriends and girlfriends. I confess I wasn't quite ready for this, and it's been both amusing and bittersweet. BJ was musing on the qualities he wants in a girlfriend: "Smart, of course. And fast." (By this he means athletic, he clarifies.) "And kind. Kind is really important." He went on, "Beauty isn't important for me. I wouldn't want a supermodel."

"Why?" I asked.

"I just wouldn't."

BB Finished A Chapter Book!

BB finished her first chapter book, Mummies In the Morning -- read all by herself!

Here's an example of second child syndrome: I didn't even know she was trying to read a chapter book. (Sigh.) So proud of my girl! She's come so far with her reading this year!


Sucked In!

It's begun: BJ is reading the Harry Potter books.

Monkey Bars II

Guess who has figured out the monkey bars!!!



Now if she could just grow a bit so that she's tall enough to reach all the sets on all the play structures, she'd be quite happy. The callouses are looking good!

Fourth Lost Tooth; First Absence

Last night, BB lost her fourth tooth!

The Monkey Bars

The kindergarten rite of passage has begun: learning to cross the monkey bars, and earning calluses in the process!

First Day of School

Today was the big day! BB's first day of kindergarten; BJ's first day of second grade. As of today, I'm officially a mom of two school-age kids!!!

Here's the traditional "off we go" photos for the start of the school year:

Backpack on and ready to go!

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