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Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there! S wanted to celebrate by bringing the kids to see the new Pixar movie, Inside Out. Highly recommended! Not only because it has a girl as the lead character(s), without it being a princess movie, but also because it handles the subject matter (emotions) with depth, humor, intelligence, and sensitivity. We've already had some interesting family conversations, and I have a feeling that the paradigm of the film will be a useful one to return to in our family journey.

Birthday Girl

It's good to be the birthday girl -- I get to convince the family it would be fun to visit an art museum!

Happy Birthday S!

S and I celebrated his birthday with a favorite date night!

We're still figuring out this whole selfie thing...

Happy Birthday sweetheart!

Heart's Day

We had a quiet Valentine's Day around here, as usual. Which is fine by me. Hearts were made and exchanged, sweets were eaten.

We celebrated with a little family hike to one of our favorite spots in the hills.

Life is good!

Thanksgiving Travel and Pie

We traveled to visit S's dad and family for Thanksgiving. It was also his dad's 70th birthday, so there were lots of reasons to celebrate! Grandma C had decked out the house for Christmas, and it was really nice to get the holiday season started in such style.

That window is worthy of a department store, don't you think?

Masquerade Auction

S and I had a great time at the annual school auction. The theme was "Masquerade," and I had a lot of fun embellishing peacock-themed matching masks for us to wear.

We didn't go all-out with bidding this year, but we did get some nice silent auction items (a crafty basket for me!). The canvas piece that I coordinated for BJ's class went for more than $2000! Wow.

The End of Soccer Season

Soccer season is over, and the Red Tornadoes have come a long way!


After years of gently encouraging BJ to try out a sport, S succeeded in getting BJ to sign up for soccer this fall. (And S ended up being recruited as the coach! Feast or famine, I tell ya.) BJ has really been enjoying the practices. Here he is earlier this week, headed out the door for the first one!

Happily, the whole experience has been a thumbs up so far! They had their first game today, and here he is, suited up to play.

Father's Day: Camping and Making the Best of Things

For the second year in a row, we spent the Father's Day weekend camping at the beach. This is definitely becoming a favorite tradition -- it's a trip coordinated with many other families at the kids' school. This year, more than 30 families participated! It was a nice, relaxing weekend, with plenty of time for scootering around, hanging at the beach, and playing games.

Still Crazy After All These Years

S and I had a fabulous Christmas gift from my parents:

When I heard about this concert, I knew I wanted to go. And what a concert! Two of my very favorite musicians together at the same time. Here's the set list:

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