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Welcome, Autumn!

This weekend, to welcome the beginning of autumn, we did some leaf crafts to decorate the windows.

It's a fun, easy craft. Here's how!


White coffee filters


Water soluble (washable) markers

Spray bottle of water

DIY Puzzles!

Over the weekend, BB decided that she wanted to make something for her teacher. Something that could also be for the entire class to enjoy. After a little thinking, she announced that she would make them a puzzle. It turned out very well!

Make Your Own Sidewalk Chalk Paint

Last week, BB and I made our own Sidewalk Chalk Paint. What a fun and easy project! All it takes is cornstarch, water, and food coloring. We mixed it up in baby food jars for easy storage. Here's BB helping to line up all the ingredients and tools that we will need:

Make Your Own Armwarmers or Fingerless Gloves

I recently decided that it would be fun to have a pair of fingerless gloves. So, being me, I decided to make a pair.

Crafty Christmas

Now that the presents have been given, I can share a little about how we made this year a Crafty Christmas. I've long been a fan of handcrafted gifts and since the kids arrived I've tried to include them in making gifts every year.

This year, we had two big craft projects that we worked on: one for the cousins and one for the grandparents. Given how crazy things were with me doing three craft shows during the holidays, I'm amazed that everything got done. But it did!

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