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Last Day of Summer Vacation

We celebrated the last day of summer vacation with a trip to Petroglyph pottery and Powell's Sweet Shoppe. Sugar and creativity is always a winning combination, right?

BJ painted a plate (and then read comics while BB and I finished up).


BB painted a dragon.

Family Road Trip! Cats and Crater Lake

We were nearing the end of our road trip, making a quick stop at Crater Lake.

A drive around the edge was not nearly enough to truly appreciate this beautiful spot, but after more than a week on the road, I was glad we got that much. BB insisted on taking our picture.

Family Road Trip! Fossils, Dune Buggies, and A Mountain Identifier

On we went to Fossil, Oregon, through the Painted Hills and on the hunt for Fossils.

In Fossil, at Wheeler High School, they have some of the only fossil beds open to the public. You go, pay your small donation, trek out behind the football field with your bucket and shovel, and start digging.

Family Road Trip! Columbia River Gorge

On our way out of Portland, we drove along the Columbia River Gorge. Simply beautiful.

Waterfalls, waterfalls, and more waterfalls.

Family Road Trip! Portland!

We made it to Portland! Our first stop was the famous Powell's Books. Truly a City of Books!

S and I have wanted to visit Powell's for years. A bookshop that's the size of a city block, several stories high!

Family Road Trip! Newport, Oregon and Old Friends

Our travel plans had us stopping for a night in Newport, Oregon before heading inland to Portland. As we were driving into town, S and I realized that our friend K had moved to Oregon a few years ago. K is a talented artist and all-around fabulous person. We were very close when we lived in Arizona but hadn't seen her in many years. Now she's running a gallery and making art, and while we'd stayed connected through Facebook, we didn't really have a definite idea of where she'd ended up.

Family Road Trip! Oregon!

We made it to Oregon!

The coast up here is stunning. Vistas and views that reminded me a bit of family road trips up to Maine, with the rugged feel of the opposite coast. but with its own unique feel. My favorite map was this "Ofishul" one we saw at a pull off stop near the border.

Family Road Trip! Trees, Trees, and More Trees

Our next leg of the road trip took us further north up the coast. We drove through the Avenue of the Giants and saw lots and lots of gorgeous trees.

Family Road Trip! Over the Bridge and Up to Fort Bragg

This summer, we decided to take our first-ever family road trip. We mapped things out for a coastal trip up to Oregon and an inland return route. We have never been up to Oregon, or even far up the coast north of San Francisco, so we are really excited!

The first leg had us making a very foggy crossing over the Golden Gate Bridge.

Ah, Summer

Hard to believe this time next month we'll be back in the thick of things. It's been a very low-key summer over here. No camps for the kids, just family camping trips. Our annual trip to Big Basin was fun as usual (in spite of nightly rodent visitors in the tent cabin).

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