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Ah, Summer

Hard to believe this time next month we'll be back in the thick of things. It's been a very low-key summer over here. No camps for the kids, just family camping trips. Our annual trip to Big Basin was fun as usual (in spite of nightly rodent visitors in the tent cabin).

Tap Class

The kids nixed the idea of camps this summer (which is fine by me) but BB ended up requesting to take a tap class. Not a "dance" class, or a tap and ballet class -- tap dance only, please. What a score when I found one in the local parks and rec class list, just in time to sign her up! She was so excited to go buy her tap shoes and leotard.

Last Weekend of the Summer Vacation

Hard to believe it, but here we are -- the last weekend of Summer Vacation! We did pretty well by our Summer Bucket List:

We made this list on the first weekend of vacation and had it hanging on the fridge all summer. We managed to do everything on it except the stuffy project -- that one, the kids suggested early on and I didn't act on it quickly enough before their interest waned. Still, that's a lot of fun to fit into ten short weeks!

Ah, Summer

Hard to believe that in a month, we'll be back at school. Our summer has been really lovely so far -- in spite of not scheduling the kids for any activities or camps, our days have been full and fulfilling. With outings for local fun both close to home and farther afield and lots of time spent at home, it's been a good, relaxing mix of downtime and being busy.

Berries and the Beach

We checked off another item from our summer list -- strawberry picking and a trip to the beach!

Notice how carefully we're following directions?

Summer Fun: Beach Trips, Pool Parties, Handstands, and Ice Cream

Our summer has been going along quite nicely -- we fit in a trip to the beach last week, along with a pool party, and we've been enjoying a lot of quiet days at home. BB is working on her handstands and has finally figured it out!

Not the best pic, since she's still working on duration -- I had to be pretty quick to snap this. But she is amazingly proud of being able to get those feet up in the air!

Home Sweet Home

We had a lot of fun on our summer travels!  We've been home for a while now, but various circumstances conspired to keep me from being able to update the blog. It took a good week of being back home to recover from our "vacation" -- getting everybody back to a rested, Pacific time zone existence. That's the reality of traveling with kids, I think. And during that week we also had to replace our desktop computer, which took much longer than it should have to get myself up and running on it again. But here I am, and it's good to be back!

At the Park

It's been a fun first week of summer vacation so far! Outings and playdates and trips to the park (oh my!) -- it was particularly fun to visit a local park prepared for some wet fun.

New Bikes!

I am going to have to get into some new blogging habits now that I'm over here on the new site! Unlike Blogger, I can't pre- or post-date, so that's why this week's catch-up has everything all posted today. Working on it! 

Some big news from the past week: the kids have new bikes!

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