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Gung Hay Fat Choy!

Did I mention today was a full day? Back to school for BJ after a week home, 100s day at school, AND the third grade feast for Chinese New Year! Earlier in the week, they'd made fortune cookies (with fortunes created by the kids -- BJ missed making them but I was able to email in his contributions.) Today, the kids spent the morning cooking meals in family homes, and then they had a delicious feast for lunch to celebrate the Year of the Horse. Very fun!

BJ's group made Chinese Almond Cookies (in the background) and Chinese Marbled Tea Eggs.

100 Days of School

Today was the 100th day of school! BB made a flower with 100 tissue paper petals, and BJ glued 100 Joe's O's cereal pieces to a sheet of cardstock.

And here they are at the parade -- very sweet.

Pop-Pop and Giki Are Here!

Christmas can really start now: my folks have arrived! They came in on Tuesday, coming early especially so that they could attend singing on Wednesday morning. (Always a special time, made even more so when we sang "We Are" with the line about grandfather's dreamings and grandmother's longings; I was all choked up.) We've been having a lovely visit filled with fun times. So nice to have them with us! Here are a few of the memories we've been making:

Third Grade Tradition: Gingerbread!

It's a third grade tradition at our school: The Making Of The Gingerbread Village!

Catching Up

So, as you may have noticed, keeping current on the blog is one of the big things to fall by the wayside as I am adjusting to this new schedule. (How do families do it with both parents working full time?) We've been having lots of fun in the last month or so -- I just haven't been blogging it! So here's a quick catch up of what we've been up to:

Spending time with Tia M! We had fun on the paddleboats at a favorite local park. Took lots of pics but these are my favorites.

First Day of First and Third Grade

Here we go! First day of school -- BB in first grade and BJ in third. Wow!

First grader? What???

And when did this third grader get so darned BIG?

They were both very excited to get to school and full of the giggles as a result. This might be my favorite picture of the year:

Last Weekend of the Summer Vacation

Hard to believe it, but here we are -- the last weekend of Summer Vacation! We did pretty well by our Summer Bucket List:

We made this list on the first weekend of vacation and had it hanging on the fridge all summer. We managed to do everything on it except the stuffy project -- that one, the kids suggested early on and I didn't act on it quickly enough before their interest waned. Still, that's a lot of fun to fit into ten short weeks!

Father's Day Camping

Another fun annual tradition -- the yearly camping trip with school friends! This was the first year we participated, but we had such a lovely time I know we'll want to take part again in the future. There must have been more than 20 families from our school. We all but took over one of my favorite local camping spots! The kids had a fabulous time scootering around together, hanging out in the eucalyptus trees, and playing on the beach.

School's Out For Summer!

It's official: school's out! The last day was a great day, though bittersweet. The kids said their goodbyes to their teachers, had class celebrations, and partook in the general excitement of the day. As I've mentioned, I continued to be full of emotion about BB's finishing kindergarten. Here she is saying goodbye to teacher A. We will really miss being in her class!

End of the School Year

Still can't quite believe that the school year is finishing up. It's been such a great year for both the kids! They've been taking care of last-minute things, like BB finally coordinating with her friend C so that they can wear the same dress on the same day. They've been trying to do this all year.

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