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Annual Beach Camping Trip

It's time again for one of our favorite start-of-summer traditions: the school beach camping trip!

End of the School Year

Another school year is over, believe it or not. How is it possible that I'll have a fifth grader and a third grader next year?

Of course we celebrated with ice cream.

Home Stretch

What a year! These last few weeks, coming down the home stretch, I sometimes felt like I wouldn't make it across the finish line. It's been all about school stuff for weeks and weeks, taking care of all the many obligations of finishing up the year. I was especially proud of how the art portfolios turned out this year!

Teddy Bear Parade

I have had so much fun helping BB's classmates sew their teddy bears! It's a second grade tradition at our school, and every year they celebrate the end of the sewing with a big Teddy Bear Parade. Here's BB on her way to the parade, with her handmade "Blue Beary."

And here's BJ, with the bear he made two years ago. Softy is holding up pretty well!

Gold Country -- Rained Out!

Irony: being in the midst of a historic drought; getting rained out for the much-anticipated fourth grade camping overnight!

But all was not a loss. We started the trip in Columbia on a lovely, sunny day, and we enjoyed some sightseeing -- visiting the gold miner's "camp," checking out the Wells Fargo office, learning at the old fashioned school house.

Science Fair

Another great science fair! 

BB worked on a project with two of her friends, looking at different rates of melting ice in different liquids (soda, water, lemonade). Definitely a kid-generated idea.

BJ grew his yeast, measured the CO2 output with balloons, and figured out what food yeast like best. (It isn't salt!)

Making Bread (For Science)

BJ has decided that his science fair project will look at how yeast grows and makes bubbles in bread, so naturally we needed to make some bread first to experience the entire process. (But who really needs an excuse to make homemade bread? Yum.)

They were really into it!

Punching down the dough is always fun.

Mission Accomplished

BJ is very proud of his mission building project, and rightfully so! He worked hard, scouting out the site (which was, admittedly pretty easy for us, since he chose the mission right close to home) and carefully laying out the plans.

Yes, that is an X-acto knife he's using. Yes, I was nervous.


The school play, Annie, is a big success!

BB is an orphan in the chorus, and BJ has three roles this year! Eddie in Hooverville is pictured above. Here he is in his costume as Louis Howe, assistant to FDR.

He's also the sound effects guy in the Radio Show (I think this was his favorite role).

Peralta Adobe

It's been hard to fit in chaperoning for field trips this year, what with teaching three days a week, so I was glad to be able to go with BJ's class to visit Peralta Adobe. I'd walked by the place before when in downtown San Jose, but I had no idea that this interesting historical landmark was right there!

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