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Easter Bunny Meets Tooth Fairy?


Easter Eve was an interesting time in the Mama's Magic household, because our apartment was visited by not one but TWO childhood icons: both the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy!

Sigh. Oh My.

Last week was one of those weeks. Nightmares and Pinkeye and Headaches. Oh My. (I think I would have preferred Lions and Tigers and Bears.) The whole week has been a blur. BB got totally spooked by a nightmare about "being in a bathtub with a big black widow spider on my chest" and was up most of the night (and worried about nightmares for most of the week). This made the rest of the week very challenging and entirely shot the next day which was supposed to be a studio day for me -- I ended up having to take a survival nap for most of the hours that I was going to (finally) work.

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