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Thanksgiving Travel and Pie

We traveled to visit S's dad and family for Thanksgiving. It was also his dad's 70th birthday, so there were lots of reasons to celebrate! Grandma C had decked out the house for Christmas, and it was really nice to get the holiday season started in such style.

That window is worthy of a department store, don't you think?

Etsy Meet & Make Fiber Salon: Eco-Friendly Fabric Sandwich Bags

What an honor to lead the Fiber Salon workshop at SJMQT, teaching people how to make reusable fabric sandwich bags! As of this posting, there are still a few tickets available, if any local folks would like to join in the fun -- tickets are free, and your ticket includes all materials. Just go to Eventbrite to reserve your spot! And if you're reading this after the workshop, thanks for coming! I hope you had a great time! I've included some helpful resources and links at the end of this post, so read on....

Berries and the Beach

We checked off another item from our summer list -- strawberry picking and a trip to the beach!

Notice how carefully we're following directions?

Happy Thanksgiving! Pop-Pop and Giki are Here!

Such a nice Thanksgiving! A real treat to have my parents visiting for the holiday -- always great to have them here. We also hosted for S's Aunt S, Uncle J, and cousin K. Set up an additional table (my craft show table doubles as an extra dining room table -- bonus!) and we were a bit crowded in our small apartment, but it was friendly and cozy. Unfortunately, I didn't remember to take any pictures because I was so busy! But Dad got these:

Saturday at the Farmer's Market

It's always a treat to visit the farmer's market. I don't go as often as I should -- such a great local resource, such yummy food! There are many local farmer's markets, almost an embarassment of riches. When I go, I usually make it to the small one on Saturdays, right by our post office.

First Week -- WHOOSH!

So much for thinking I'd have tons more time once both kids were in school! The first week of school just flew by -- happily, it was a good week in spite of feeling a bit hectic. Thumbs up from BJ (and BB)!

The kids asked if we could celebrate the start of school by making a cake, and they didn't seem too worried that it didn't get made on the very first day. Day two was fine by them, so long as they got to help!

Recipe: Pesto Pasta Salad

S's colleague Z recently welcomed her first baby, and since the couple is in that exhausted new parent mode -- "omigodeverythinghaschangedforeversleepwhatissleep?!?" -- I brought by some dinner earlier this week.

Mama's Magic Pesto Pasta Salad

Secret Recipe: Surprise Salad

Salad for snack? Must be summer! BJ even made his own secret recipe -- he calls it "Surprise Salad." Here's Chef BJ, hard at work!

Summer Fun: Beach Trips, Pool Parties, Handstands, and Ice Cream

Our summer has been going along quite nicely -- we fit in a trip to the beach last week, along with a pool party, and we've been enjoying a lot of quiet days at home. BB is working on her handstands and has finally figured it out!

Not the best pic, since she's still working on duration -- I had to be pretty quick to snap this. But she is amazingly proud of being able to get those feet up in the air!

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