Birthday Girl

It's good to be the birthday girl -- I get to convince the family it would be fun to visit an art museum!

Happy Birthday S!

S and I celebrated his birthday with a favorite date night!

We're still figuring out this whole selfie thing...

Happy Birthday sweetheart!

Happy Birthday BB!

Look who's 8 years old!

My little girl ain't so little anymore -- such a smart, sweet, creative person she is becoming! We celebrated with many of her friends by hosting a pottery painting party. Right up her alley!

Tree climbing also happened.


Happy Birthday To Me! I don't really feel all that different, in spite of my arrival at the magic number that is the answer to "The Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe and Everything."

Easter and Family Fun

We had a very special Easter -- we got together with S's side of the family to celebrate his mom's 70th birthday!

We rented some cottage cabins in Pacific Grove and spent the day together at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. It was fun to see the new exhibit, "Tentacles," with some familiar looking ancient art! (Flashback to our trip to Greece when I was pregnant with BJ!)

9 Years Old!

Happy Birthday, BJ!

This year, BJ wanted two things: to go to the Academy of Sciences (I think we have a tradition, folks!) and to get a LEGO Death Star set. The first, we could do.

Birthday Girl

BB turns seven today! She'd been having a wonderful time anticipating her special day -- for weeks, she's been making decorations and planning her party: a sleep over with her friend A! Here's my favorite picture decoration. Make a wish!

Art from the Heart

I treated myself to a beautiful birthday gift -- a painting by one of my favorite local artists. When Armani of Retablos posted this stunning image online, I immediately fell in love with it.

Happy Birthday To Me!

I had a very nice birthday. (Though I still can't believe I'm forty*cough*something years old.) My only requests for the day were not to have to cook dinner -- keep things simple, I figured. (Besides, I'd already had my "party" at the park picnic, and a very nice one it was, too!)

Dinner was delicious at the local Pacific Catch. Mama got a fancy drink, which is always fun (and not something I do very often).

First Day of Summer Vacation

Today was the first official day of Summer Vacation, and we celebrated it in fine style! I'd wanted to do something to mark my upcoming birthday, but I knew that things would be too crazy with end of school to make a party at home possible. So I invited a bunch of our friends to join us for a picnic at a local music in the park event. We had a great time! It was such a treat to see so many folks (though the event itself was hardly crowded at all) and in spite of the windy weather the evening was lovely.

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