Birthday Girl

BB turns seven today! She'd been having a wonderful time anticipating her special day -- for weeks, she's been making decorations and planning her party: a sleep over with her friend A! Here's my favorite picture decoration. Make a wish!

First Day of Summer Vacation

Today was the first official day of Summer Vacation, and we celebrated it in fine style! I'd wanted to do something to mark my upcoming birthday, but I knew that things would be too crazy with end of school to make a party at home possible. So I invited a bunch of our friends to join us for a picnic at a local music in the park event. We had a great time! It was such a treat to see so many folks (though the event itself was hardly crowded at all) and in spite of the windy weather the evening was lovely.

April Fool's!

I played my first real April Fool's prank this year!

Since BJ's birthday fell on the weekend, he decided he wanted to celebrate the day in his classroom on the following Monday. Which was April Fool's. The opportunity was irresistable.

Ingredients for the prank:

Birthday Easter Holiday Bonanza!

Talk about a big day: BJ's birthday AND Easter!

And did I mention that the Tooth Fairy also came for a visit?

He actually lost the tooth a few days before his birthday, but (influenced, I'm sure, by the fact that last year BB lost her tooth on Easter Eve) he decided he wanted to ask the tooth fairy to come back on his birthday. Which would also be Easter. So he left her a note...

And she left one in return:

BJ's Birthday at the Academy of Sciences

Once again, BJ decided to celebrate his birthday with a visit to the Academy of Sciences. He invited his friend N to join us, and we all had a lot of fun!

It was a lovely spring day in the city (if a wee bit chilly) and the kids knew exactly where they wanted to begin: the rainforest! Where there are cool creatures like frogs and snakes! Here are the boys, checking it out.

Happy Birthday!

Today is S's birthday! He made his day special with some time to himself, visiting his favorite haunts (thrift stores and Streetlight Records). In the evening, we celebrated with an angel food cake, presents, and a trip to Buca di Beppo for dinner!

Here's my handsome guy with his two great kids, on the way to dinner.

Pottery Painting Birthday Party!

For her birthday party, BB wanted to celebrate with a pottery painting party at Petroglyph. What fun!

She painted a box with a sun design -- of course she wanted to bring her art apron to wear. BJ painted a robot.

Six Year Old Girl!

How is it possible that my baby girl was six years old yesterday?

She was home sick from school the day before her birthday (just the sniffles with a cough, thank goodness). But clearly feeling well enough to go back to school on her Actual Birthday -- up bright and early to open her gifts, with a smile on her face!

Happy Birthday, Kitties!

The kitties turn a year old today! The kids wanted to celebrate with a cat-friendly cake, but I convinced them to settle for a treat of cat grass (which the kitties liked very much). I tried all day to get a good birthday picture of the two of them, but they wouldn't cooperate.

They have the typical cat habit -- oh, a camera? LET ME COME INVESTIGATE!


Yep, I hit the big four-oh yesterday. S and the kids did their best to be sure that I had a very nice day, in spite of my crankiness at hitting this particular milestone. Plan A (a hike at a promising new spot) was ditched for various reasons, my acting-up back among them (this gettin' old stuff is rough on the body). So we settled on Plan B, a family trip to Happy Hollow Zoo.  I knew it would make the kids happy and would be a fun way to spend some time outside in the lovely weather.

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