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Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Heart's Day! I was inspired by the holiday to pair one of my favorite poets with a picture of one of my "blue * birds * happiness" quilts. I rather like the result.

A little truth to antidote the typical sappy holiday mush (goodness but I despise shopping for pre-made Valentine's cards).

Gung Hay Fat Choy!

Did I mention today was a full day? Back to school for BJ after a week home, 100s day at school, AND the third grade feast for Chinese New Year! Earlier in the week, they'd made fortune cookies (with fortunes created by the kids -- BJ missed making them but I was able to email in his contributions.) Today, the kids spent the morning cooking meals in family homes, and then they had a delicious feast for lunch to celebrate the Year of the Horse. Very fun!

BJ's group made Chinese Almond Cookies (in the background) and Chinese Marbled Tea Eggs.

100 Days of School

Today was the 100th day of school! BB made a flower with 100 tissue paper petals, and BJ glued 100 Joe's O's cereal pieces to a sheet of cardstock.

And here they are at the parade -- very sweet.

Play Plague

Must be play season: kids are home sick from school. BJ was home for an entire week with the flu: recurrent fever (up over 104, yikes!) and a bad cough. When it was a full week home, I took him in to the doctor, who diagnosed a sinus infection on top of everything. Antibiotics time. He missed his tech rehearsal for the play, and the rest of us are washing hands like crazy trying not to have the contagion spread. Thankfully, he was back at school today -- just in time for the dress rehearsal and other fun activities. Now here's hoping the rest of us stay well!

Birthday Girl

BB turns seven today! She'd been having a wonderful time anticipating her special day -- for weeks, she's been making decorations and planning her party: a sleep over with her friend A! Here's my favorite picture decoration. Make a wish!

More Family Fun

What else have we been up to lately? Well, there's always the fun of Saturnalia! This year we took the costume part of the feast quite seriously and all four of us dressed up. Very fun!

Living, Not Blogging

It was bound to happen, I suppose -- I got so busy living this past month, that I didn't have time to blog! In truth, keeping this blog has been more challenging this past year than ever before. Between the kids growing up (and my increasing sensitivities to their privacy) and schedules getting much more busy (amazing how working two days a week can take up so much time) it's been hard to keep up with posting. I'm not yet ready to abandon blogging, but what had become weekly posts may become even less frequent.

Thank you, 2013!

Another year is coming to a close -- and what a year it has been! Another year, another stage in the sweet, companionable journey that S and I began so long ago. I am so grateful for our family life, full of love and lovely quotidian moments, so grateful that I get to be a mom for these two amazing children, a wife to my best friend. I've returned to the classroom and made big strides in my art, participating in my first gallery show. I taught workshops at the Museum of Craft and Design and the San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles.

Whale Watching!

For our Christmas gift to my folks, we went whale watching -- what an amazing day!

The weather was gorgeous, clear and just a little bit nippy. We got to keep company with two magnificent humpback whales for quite some time as they surfaced and dove, surfaced and dove. So impressive.

Merry Christmas!

What a lovely Christmas and Christmas Eve! On the 24th, we took a nice walk around campus. The weather has been so gorgeous!

Don't forget the traditional viewing of "It's a Wonderful Life!"

And watching the Santa tracker -- look, he's on the east coast!

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