Triton Holiday Gift Fair

I had my best fair of the year at the Triton Holiday Gift Fair!

Join Mama's Magic Studio at Jingle Fest 2012

Holiday Shopping Season has definitely begun! Coming up for Mama's Magic Studio are two more holiday shows -- first up is the Jingle Fest show in San Jose at Napredak Hall.

Quilting Again

For quite some time now, I've imagined a wall hanging quilt: Bluebirds -- Happiness. I finished it up this week!

It turned out pretty well. Reasonably close to the image in my mind, though I'd originally thought of it on a blue background. Turns out that the blue on blue wasn't enough contrast. So imagine an overcast day. It's a family portrait too, of course.

Make Your Own Sidewalk Chalk Paint

Last week, BB and I made our own Sidewalk Chalk Paint. What a fun and easy project! All it takes is cornstarch, water, and food coloring. We mixed it up in baby food jars for easy storage. Here's BB helping to line up all the ingredients and tools that we will need:

Maker Faire 2012

We went to Maker Faire last weekend, our second annual visit. Lots of fun but also LOTS of stress, since it was extremely crowded (and I don't do all that well with crowds). All in all, though, the day was a success.

The kids enjoyed the R2-D2 robots very much. The guys in the back had the robots zooming around their little roped-off area, interacting with the crowds. Too cute.

Like Mama, Like Daughter

I love how crafty BB is these days. She is having a particularly good time with her sewing. She has her own craft supplies and will set up her own projects. Adorable!

In the Studio

Mother's Day is typically when I'm most busy in Mama's Magic Studio, working on my Handmade Magic -- especially the bird's nest designs. I love making family jewelry! This year, I was delighted to trade a custom family nest for the photography services of my good friend, Jill. It was such fun to hang out with her, do my creative thing, and get some nice studio pics in the process!

Mama's Magic Featured at SF Etsy Blog!

I am so honored to be the interviewed artist for today's SF Etsy Friday Feature!

I've been actively involved in the SF Etsy Street Team for many years now, so it was really nice to shine a little of the spotlight on my own work. Many thanks to fellow SF Etsy leader, Ash of Kelly Drive, for taking the time to interview me!

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