Father's Day: Camping and Making the Best of Things

For the second year in a row, we spent the Father's Day weekend camping at the beach. This is definitely becoming a favorite tradition -- it's a trip coordinated with many other families at the kids' school. This year, more than 30 families participated! It was a nice, relaxing weekend, with plenty of time for scootering around, hanging at the beach, and playing games.

Mother's Day

For Mother's Day, I made my usual requests: a picture of me with the kids, and a dinner that I don't have to cook!

(From the look in my eyes, I think I should have also asked for a nap!)

I was treated to a delicious dinner at Aqui's, one of our favorite local spots.

So very yummy!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Heart's Day! I was inspired by the holiday to pair one of my favorite poets with a picture of one of my "blue * birds * happiness" quilts. I rather like the result.

A little truth to antidote the typical sappy holiday mush (goodness but I despise shopping for pre-made Valentine's cards).

Merry Christmas!

What a lovely Christmas and Christmas Eve! On the 24th, we took a nice walk around campus. The weather has been so gorgeous!

Don't forget the traditional viewing of "It's a Wonderful Life!"

And watching the Santa tracker -- look, he's on the east coast!

Pop-Pop and Giki Are Here!

Christmas can really start now: my folks have arrived! They came in on Tuesday, coming early especially so that they could attend singing on Wednesday morning. (Always a special time, made even more so when we sang "We Are" with the line about grandfather's dreamings and grandmother's longings; I was all choked up.) We've been having a lovely visit filled with fun times. So nice to have them with us! Here are a few of the memories we've been making:

Triton Holiday Gift Fair

I had my best fair of the year at the Triton Holiday Gift Fair!


So much to be thankful for this year -- health, jobs, husband, happy kids -- definitely counting my blessings today. We spent a very sweet Thanksgiving at S's brother's place, enjoying family and excellent food. Always fun to see the cousins together!

Happy Halloween!

I have to say, I was pretty happy with how the Halloween costumes turned out this year!

Fourth of July Fireworks and Fun!

We had a fabulous Fourth of July, full of fireworks, friends, and fun.

We started the day by watching the local parade, which has certainly grown over the past few years but still has a lovely small-town feel. From the folks handing out flags (and the kids that grab them)...

Lucky Mother's Day!

In spite of my sore thumb, it was a very nice Mother's Day. I'd explicitly taken a pass on the annual breakfast in bed (I'm not such a fan, actually) and instead asked for a lunch picnic in the park. And, as is traditional, I asked for some pictures of me with the kiddos.

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