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Thanksgiving Travel and Pie

We traveled to visit S's dad and family for Thanksgiving. It was also his dad's 70th birthday, so there were lots of reasons to celebrate! Grandma C had decked out the house for Christmas, and it was really nice to get the holiday season started in such style.

That window is worthy of a department store, don't you think?

November -- Whoosh!

Where has the month gone? We've been busy at home and at school -- in addition to field trips and the usual stuff, we've been getting ready for the school auction, working on projects, and preparing for holidays.

As part of their unit on local ocean biology, linking up with the Monterey Bay Aquarium field trip, BJ's class assigned a project. He chose to make a diorama of the kelp forest.

Monterey Bay Aquarium Field Trip

We love the Monterey Bay Aquarium, and it was even better as a field trip!

The kids got to go behind the scenes a bit to a lab/classroom, where they investigated various sealife in a kelp forest. I helped out with the tank where they made hypotheses about sea kelp.


I'm a week behind, but that doesn't diminish how much fun we had on Halloween! BJ dressed up as Luke Skywalker (from Return of the Jedi), and BB was a butterfly-winged fairy.

The End of Soccer Season

Soccer season is over, and the Red Tornadoes have come a long way!

Aboard the Balclutha

What a field trip! We survived a night aboard the beautiful tall ship Balclutha! The kids were all very excited, as well as being nervous about the experience of re-enacting life aboard ship. This field trip is a tradition at our school, a rite of passage if you will, and all the kids knew it would be a challenge. Here I am with BJ before we head to the ship. Balclutha is the tall ship with yellow masts. Isn't she a beauty?

Kid's Biz

It's time for Kid's Biz! In fourth grade, the students learn about economics by having classroom money, earning fourth grade bucks for doing assigned classroom jobs, participating in classroom auctions, and running their own Kid's Businesses. They have to apply for a license, have a business idea (complete with a strategy for earning back any real-world funds that they spend in the process of putting it together), and prepare for the opening of their "business" a few times a year.


We are getting ready for Halloween! Costumes are lined up, and we managed to squeeze in the traditional visit to the pumpkin patch right after a soccer match. We toured the "Haunted Trail," picked out pumpkins, and generally goofed around.

Wish I'd Taken That Class...

At dinner tonight, BB asks me, "How do you know how to be a mom? Is there, like, a class you have to take to learn how?"

"No," I reply. (Thinking, dang, how I wish there was!)

"Well, but then how do you know to do things?" she starts, innocently. "Things like put coins under my pillow for the tooth fairy?" She gives me the tiniest smirk. She knows full well what she's asking, knows that she's bursting a bubble, revealing that she has guessed the Truth About The Tooth Fairy.

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