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School Traditions: Gingerbread Houses and Manners Party

It was one of those days that took three trips from the car to the school! Definitely a driving and not a walking day. BB had her third grade gingerbread house building project, and BJ had the fifth grade manners party. Between the gingerbread pieces and food for the party, our hands were very full.

Here's BB's finished house, on "Snowy Street." The room smelled fabulous!

Science Camp!

BJ's trip to Science Camp was a success! He was excited to go -- here he is, all packed up!

Adventures with Pop-Pop and Giki

My parents took the kids off on an adventure -- and we weren't invited! They went to Safari West for an overnight stay. What a wonderful time they had, trekking about and even getting to feed the animals!

Thanks, Pop-Pop and Giki, for such a great adventure!



Must be October

Must be October -- time for Halloween preparations and pumpkin patch visits!

In related news, BB and I went to the Dia de los Muertos celebrations at the San Jose Museum of Art. So much calaveras creativity going on!

Ren Faire 2015

I'm glad we found time to go to the Ren Faire this year. As usual, we had a very good time. BB got a replica of Hermione's wand for her Halloween costume -- and then got to try it out on stage with the magician!

S didn't want to dress up this year, so it was just me and the kids in garb.


My boy has braces! Goodness but he's growing up so quickly.

In my day, braces were a middle school or high school thing, but these days they seem to be getting them much younger. It's not uncommon to see kids with braces in fourth and fifth (and even third) grades. But my mental map for "kid with braces" is a teenager, so now he looks even older to me. He was very good-natured about it, too. Such an awesome kid.

Chalk Art Festival

This year our school participated officially in the local Chalk Art Festival. What a great day! I was very happy with our collaborative "Under the Sea" chalk art square. The kids worked hard and were quite proud of the result.



Back to School

Whoosh -- here we are, back to school again!

BJ is in fifth grade, and BB is in third grade. I'll be teaching K-5 art this year. Hold on, because it's going to be one heckuva ride!

Last Day of Summer Vacation

We celebrated the last day of summer vacation with a trip to Petroglyph pottery and Powell's Sweet Shoppe. Sugar and creativity is always a winning combination, right?

BJ painted a plate (and then read comics while BB and I finished up).


BB painted a dragon.

Ah, Summer

Hard to believe this time next month we'll be back in the thick of things. It's been a very low-key summer over here. No camps for the kids, just family camping trips. Our annual trip to Big Basin was fun as usual (in spite of nightly rodent visitors in the tent cabin).

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