Teddy Bear Parade

I have had so much fun helping BB's classmates sew their teddy bears! It's a second grade tradition at our school, and every year they celebrate the end of the sewing with a big Teddy Bear Parade. Here's BB on her way to the parade, with her handmade "Blue Beary."

And here's BJ, with the bear he made two years ago. Softy is holding up pretty well!

Sewing with First Graders: Worry Dolls and Miniature Sleeping Bags

I love volunteering in my kids' classrooms! This year in BB's class, I've been helping the kids with their sewing skills (leading up to next year's big second grade project, making their own teddy bears). For our last sewing project of the year, we made wee sleeping bags and worry dolls to go inside!

Ambrosia and Miri's Flock

I may not have been making time to blog lately, but I have been making time to sew! Between working on samples for my recent Etsy workshop, making aprons for teaching art, or quilting -- my sewing machine and I have been spending lots of time together in the past month or so. I started with a custom piece for my dear friend (I'd promised it to her as a housewarming gift, more months ago than I will admit without embarassment). It is number 9 in my "blue * birds * happiness" series, and I titled it "Miri's Flock." Here it is in the layout stage:

Etsy Meet & Make Fiber Salon: Eco-Friendly Fabric Sandwich Bags

What an honor to lead the Fiber Salon workshop at SJMQT, teaching people how to make reusable fabric sandwich bags! As of this posting, there are still a few tickets available, if any local folks would like to join in the fun -- tickets are free, and your ticket includes all materials. Just go to Eventbrite to reserve your spot! And if you're reading this after the workshop, thanks for coming! I hope you had a great time! I've included some helpful resources and links at the end of this post, so read on....

Teddy Bear Parade

Today was the annual Teddy Bear Parade at the kids' school! It was a near-run thing, finishing up the last student's bear only 2 hours before the parade, but I managed to help all 29 second-graders complete their teddy bears in time!  Here are BJ's classmates, ready for the parade:

Here comes BJ with his bear! (He's named it Softie. Softie is a polar bear.)

"Family Bearloom"

It's a tradition at the kids' school: all second graders make their own teddy bears. As the sewing coordinator for BJ's class, I've looked forward to the teddy bear project all year long. When it was finally time to start sewing them, I think it was hard to tell who was more excited -- me or the kids!

Sewing with Second Graders

I've been having fun finishing up the sewing projects with BJ's class. I helped the kids make fleece scarves, and they turned out well! Here's BJ with his completed cozy scarf.

It was a great chance for the kids to practice a basic straight stitch. Some of them were really quite good at sewing!

All this is preparation for the teddy bears project at the end of the year. Such fun!

My First Quilts On Exhibit

What a relief! Yesterday I finished up my second quilt for the Fiber Shots submission and dropped off both "blue * birds * happiness #3" and "blue * birds * happiness #4" at the San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles. Here are the two of them, side by side:


Not Blogging: Quilting

I've been spending lots of time in the studio instead of blogging lately. It's holiday prep time! And much of that time has been working on mini quilts in my Blue Birds Happiness series. I plan to offer these at various craft show venues that are coming up in November and December. And I'm also preparing two special ones to submit to the San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles Fiber Shots exhibit. Submissions are due tomorrow, and I finished up the first one today!

Studio Sneak Peek

Today in the studio, I was playing around with a new design idea. I have all these great designer fabric scraps from my most recent FabMo visit. How best to use them? What about fabric bracelets?

After experimenting with various closures, I settled on decorative snaps. It's been fun to learn how to apply snaps -- always neat to figure out a new skill!

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