Welcome to Mama's Magic Studio! I'm Jen, the Mama who makes Handmade Magic. All my handcrafted items are made by me in my smoke-free studio.

I believe that something truly magical happens when an artist's hands create. When the hands finish the work, something new and beautiful exists in the world. To me, that's magic -- even though I know and experience the effort and skill of every step of the process. Handmade Magic is not the result of a wave of a wand! It's a labor of love, and (aside from being a Mama) the most satisfying thing I know. I opened Mama's Magic Studio to share that magic and love with the world.

Photo by Jill Bernhardt

I am passionate about crafting and creativity, and I am always learning new skills and techniques. I have eclectic crafting interests, so there's no telling what you might find here: beadwork, jewelry, handmade knitting needles, accessories.... I have been creating handcrafts for almost 30 years, selling my work in person since 1990 and online since 2006. I opened Mama's Magic Studio in 2008.

I am an active member of the Etsy community, which I joined back when the site was in Beta and being run by the four founding guys out of their New York apartment. I still run an Etsy shop, and I have been a leader of the SF Etsy Street Team since 2010. I participate in various craft fairs and events in the San Francisco Bay area. For information about upcoming events, please check out my calendar.

Want to learn more about me and Mama's Magic Studio? Read my blog or check out some of my interviews and other news about Mama's Magic Studio here.